We make it easy to publish metrics from your web, mobile and serverless apps

We host your metrics in our real-time dashboard with tailored visualisations.

Track what matters to you, from raw performance to key business metrics and analytics.

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Integrate your app in minutes


Install our Integrator

We provide integrations which make it quick and easy to get started in your existing app with very little effort.

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Publish a metric

Define your metrics in a few lines of code and publish them using the simple interfaces in our integrations.

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Monitor results

We give you access to our Dashboard which provides out of the box visualisations for your projects.

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Review your metrics in our Dashboard

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Results in real time

Our dashboard gives you an overview of everything that is happening within your project in real time.

Quickly identify which metrics are worth digging into and spot trends happening within your app fast.

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Tailored Visualisations

Every metric has an overview page with tailored visualisations, showing your data in the best way every time.

No need to create custom dashboards or learn new querying languages.

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Built to scale with you

We make it easy for you to record as many metrics as you want, then we make finding them a breeze.

Favourite the metrics you care about most and add key visualisations right into the dashboard in one click.

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Historical Views

We provide easy to digest historical views to show you how your metrics trend over time.

Find out how changes to your app have impacted the metrics that really matter.

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Unlimited Projects

Create as many projects or apps as you want from a single account for free and enjoy custom dashboards that match the type of app you have.

Each project has a completely isolated set of metrics and data.

Catch up on any device

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Unless many competitors, our dashboard works perfectly on any device you own, so now you can check in on your app from anywhere at any time.

Install our PWA app to stay up to date with your app.

Why micro stat?

Cloud Hosted

You push metrics from your app, we keep our service running...

micro stat has been built to scale with your apps.

Get Started Fast

It can take 5 minutes to get your metrics into micro stat.

We offer simple interfaces to make it easy to push metrics.

Access Anywhere

Check on how things are going from anywhere, on any device.

Setup alerts to let you know if things are going awry.

No Query Languages

Our competitors often come with a steep learning curve

You don't need to learn another query language to use micro stat

Simple Visualisations

We provide out of the box visualisations for your data.

Each metric is tailored to show you relevant information fast

No Vendor Lock In

Prevent locking your app down to a specific vendor

You can use micro stat with any cloud vendor

So, what do you think?

It is completely free to sign up and get started with micro stat, we don't need your credit card details and you can see your first metrics in minutes.

Discover the real time performance of your app by starting today.

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